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Money is a common source of contention between marital partners that can often lead to divorce. It is also one of the two most complicating factors in any divorce along with that of children. Whether you consider yourself affluent, middle-class, or struggling, marital property and your financial scene frequently become a source of dispute when considering divorce. This is even more pronounced for those who have been married a long time and/or have accumulated many and various assets and investments. 

At Hargreaves & Taylor LLP, we understand how this issue can be of great concern to spouses facing a divorce. All you have worked for and built together will now be on the table subject to division. With our sustained experience and the specialized knowledge and training of Partners Bill Hargreaves and Nancy Taylor, we have the understanding, skills, and resources to help you through this critical issue. Our team is here to protect your financial rights and best interests throughout the negotiation, mediation, or litigation process. In the most complicated cases, we can turn to outside experts, such as forensic accountants, business valuation professionals, appraisers, and tax consultants to assist by providing the information you need to make smart choices and to fortify our preparation of your case for an optimum resolution. 

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Because California is a community property state, you are looking at dividing your marital estate on as close to a 50-50 basis as possible. The exception to this is if you have an established and valid prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that sets forth the terms of your property rights and responsibilities in divorce.

Your marital estate consists of everything you and your spouse have acquired since your wedding. This can include:

  • Homes and other real estate
  • Bank accounts
  • Investments
  • Family-owned businesses, professional practices, or business interests
  • Vehicles
  • Boats
  • Jewelry
  • Retirement accounts and pensions
  • Any other property or assets of significant value

Marital property is differentiated from “separate” property which is essentially any property titled in your name only prior to the marriage. Separate property can also include gifts or inheritances given to you only during the marriage. However, where these assets are co-mingled into your marriage, they are generally ruled as community property by the courts. 

The division of marital assets and property can thus be a complex issue depending on the individual circumstances of how the assets were acquired, maintained, or disposed of during a marriage. This is why you need the services of a seasoned and proven law firm to ensure that your best interests are asserted throughout the process. 

Protect Your Financial Interests During Property Division

During a divorce or separation, dividing assets can be one of the most complex and contentious aspects of the process. At Hargreaves & Taylor LLP, our team of California Board Certified Family Law Attorneys is dedicated to helping clients in San Diego protect their financial interests during property division.

Our experienced attorneys understand the intricacies of California's community property laws and will work diligently to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of assets. We will guide you through the entire property division process, providing expert advice and representation every step of the way.

Benefits of working with our property division attorneys include:

  • Expert knowledge of California's community property laws
  • Thorough evaluation and documentation of all assets
  • Negotiation and mediation to reach fair property settlements
  • Aggressive representation in court, if necessary
  • Protection of your financial interests and future stability

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