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The Quinn/Hargreaves Mediation Center has successfully concluded hundreds of marital dissolution cases through mediation. Mary Mudd-Quinn and J. William Hargreaves are pioneers, both in the mediation process and in team mediation. They have worked together as co-mediators since 1982, developing a technique and approach that yields success in most of the cases they accept. Even the most emotionally charged and difficult cases have been successfully mediated.

Mediation is successful because both parties have equal input in creating an agreement that reflects both of their needs. The emotions of each are handled so that communication continues until all issues are resolved. Solutions are reached by the productive airing of all ideas. Agreements reached in this manner generally elicit a high degree of compliance as well as positively influencing the adjustment process. If you need a San Diego mediator, contact our experienced and compassionate family law specialists.

Why use team mediators?

Using a mediation team significantly increases the potential of successfully reaching an agreement. Having dual mediators creates balance, fairness, and increases efficiency during the sessions. Each mediator adds insight, options, and energy to the process, as well as fielding the strong emotions that often arise.

Who are the mediators?

MARY MUDD-QUINN is a Ph.D. and Marriage, Family and Child Counselor who has a private practice in individual and family therapy. In this practice, she helps people resolve conflicts, develop coping strategies, improve communications, and utilize negotiation. Dr. Quinn brings these same skills to the mediation process in working with divorcing couples who must make legally binding decisions during a time of great turmoil.

J. WILLIAM HARGREAVES is an attorney and Certified Family Law Specialist who has served as a judge pro-tem of the Family Court and is often retained as a private judge in Family Law matters. He also holds an LLM degree in taxation and is a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Mr. Hargreaves’ practice is devoted solely to Family Law matters and about 75% of his practice is litigation. This lends a unique dimension to mediation, as Mr. Hargreaves is able to advise disputing couples in mediation of the likely outcome should the case be presented to a judge at trial.

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