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Spousal support, also known as alimony, may or may not be awarded by the courts in a California divorce. This type of support is not required by law. It is generally granted in cases where one spouse will become financially disadvantaged through divorce. Lower-earning or non-working spouses may need the additional monetary resources to maintain the established marital standard of living and/or to additional funds to help them become fully self-supporting through job or career training or advanced education. 

At Hargreaves & Taylor LLP, we can offer seasoned and trusted legal help whether you are seeking or contesting spousal support or whether you need to enforce, modify, or terminate a current spousal support court order. Our team has decades of experience in resolving this issue in pending and post-divorce cases. We can review your situation, inform you of how the law pertains to your case, and devise a legal strategy to protect your rights and pursue an outcome that will be optimum for you. 

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Types of Spousal Support in California

A spouse may petition the court for spousal support in a California divorce case; this support may be temporary and/or permanent, depending on the circumstances. 

  • Temporary support is meant to help the individual pay monthly expenses while the divorce is pending. 
  • Permanent support may or may not be awarded; courts have wide discretion in deciding on whether to grant it, how much will be paid, and for how long it will be paid. 

When Do Family Courts Order Spousal Support in California?

Examples of scenarios in which spousal support may be granted:

  • One spouse earns significantly more than the other
  • One spouse stayed home during the marriage to care for the household and children
  • One spouse’s earning potential is less than the other’s due to a lack of job experience, training, or education
  • One spouse supported or contributed to the other’s career advancement and will now fail to reap the benefit of his or her contribution or support
  • One spouse is financially dependent on the other due to age, disability, or illness 

Determining Factors For Alimony Payments in California

Courts look at many factors in determining spousal support, such as: 

  1. The length of the marriage 
  2. The earning capacities of each party 
  3. Financial resources of each party 
  4. The ages and health of each party 
  5. The standard of living established during the marriage 
  6. What each spouse contributed to the marriage

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