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Some divorce and family law cases can only be resolved in court. This is common where you and the other party can never meet on common ground or where the issues are particularly complex and nuanced. At Hargreaves & Taylor LLP, we have vast experience in representing clients in such cases. With Certified Family Law Specialists on board and because we are exclusively devoted to family law, we are a firm that is uniquely qualified to take on such difficult and sensitive cases. 


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Certified Family Law Specialists are those recognized by California‚Äôs State Bar as being experts in their particular field of law. This puts our founding attorneys at the top of the professional ladder in the state. They have been vetted by the State Bar for their advanced training, rigorous testing, favorable peer reviews, and significant years of experience in family law. If you need a family law legal expert on your side for a challenging case, we recommend that you turn to us to ensure you have the well-prepared and aggressive litigation you need to seek optimum results in court. 

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The attorneys at Hargreaves & Taylor LLP have a wealth of litigation experience, particularly with difficult/complex issues and in high-asset cases. The preparation of these types of cases is key to a successful outcome. We use a team approach to litigation to minimize the litigation costs and maximize the effectiveness of needed preparation.

Backed by a Team of Highly Skilled Outside Experts

We also have a variety of outside experts at our disposal to assist in the management of your case and for trial preparation or settlement conference. 

These experts assist in the following areas:

  • Location and identification of assets
  • Valuation of assets, such as family-owned businesses
  • Tracing of separate property
  • Appraisals of property and other assets
  • Tax consequences
  • Custody evaluations 
  • Witness preparation

We also utilize outside resources for effective document display and evidence presentation at trial.

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Preparing your case for litigation in court is a lengthy, complicated, and meticulous process that calls for thoroughness, attention to detail, and a passion to succeed on your behalf. Our team of litigators has spent decades fighting for optimum outcomes for clients resulting in a reputation for integrity, ability, and accomplishment. 

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